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Free calling app integrates with users' existing contacts


VoIP services such as Skype already offer mobile applications, but typically users must create an account, build a contact list and then launch the app each time they want to make a free call. Not so with Voxtrot, a free mobile app that seamlessly integrates into the phone’s standard calling function and automatically makes calls free when Voxtrot users talk to one another. Now in beta from Switzerland-based IMV AG, Voxtrot “works as if your mobile carrier is giving you free worldwide mobile calls,” in the company’s own words. No logins, usernames or complicated passwords are required, and users need not create any separate contact list. Instead, they simply dial their phone as they always do. If the person at the other end is a Voxtrot user, the call will be free; if not, it will just be connected normally. Voxtrot works anywhere in the world, whatever the carrying network, and it does not interfere with the phone’s other apps or carrier connections. A video on YouTube demonstrates the app in more detail. Voxtrot is currently available only for Android, and can be downloaded from the Android Market. Versions for other platforms are in the works, however. Mobile-minded entrepreneurs: one to partner with toward that end? (Related: Simplified mobile phone just makes & receives callsMobile app for group texting and on-the-fly conference callsOpen source phone service for off-grid areas.) Spotted by: Agur Koort & John Greene



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