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VR content that is easily recordable and shareable


Spincle allows users to capture and share VR content from the comfort of their smartphone.


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Virtual reality technology has been criticized for failing to expand its user base from early adopters to the wider public. Springwise has covered several developments recently that see change in this trend. We’ve seen an eSports platform that allows the huge community of eSports fans to watch 360 degree footage of their favorite games and a cinema that allows viewers to watch films in 3D without cumbersome glasses. Now Spincle aims to make filming and sharing VR content more accessible for all without the need for additional expensive gadgets.

Spincle allows users to shoot VR content using just their smartphone cameras. The app creates an amalgamation of photo and video where users can capture a static backdrop using a panorama photograph, turning certain details of the image into video. This is done by simply spinning round in a circle holding out your phone. Spincle’s USP is that it aims to make sharing this VR content effortless. Content can be captured on an iPhone and although the files are exported as .mp4 files, they are twenty times smaller than normal video files and will loop like gifs thanks to the company’s formatting techniques. As a result, the content can be easily shared across social media platforms such as WhatsApp, FaceBook and StumbleUpon.

As cameras and smartphones develop to record and share our lives more comprehensively, is there an innovation on the horizon that will make VR an integral part of the story?



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