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VR exercise machine lets users fly while they workout

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Icaros is a 'bodytainment' system which simulates flying and utilizes VR to let users enjoy fantastical adventures while they workout.

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One of the least appealing things about exercising in a gym is the unchanging scenery. We’ve seen a number of systems such as VeloReality and Virtual Active iOS which utilize virtual reality to enhance users’ exercise experience by providing realistic, changing scenery. Now, Icaros from HYVE is adding a bit of fantasy to the mix. Icaros is a ‘bodytainment’ system which combines a VR headset with a futuristic looking workout station, letting users enjoy adventures such as flying through space or deep sea diving while exercising.


To begin, users launch a PC app which runs visual environments including space, the Amazon and the depths of the ocean. They also need to connect to a smartphone app which monitors their physical movements. Next they put on a pair of VR goggles and climb aboard the exercise machine. They control their virtual experience with the movements of their body, maintaining their balance and avoiding collisions. The movements required train the user’s shoulders, abs and lateral abdominal muscles, all the while burning calories and strengthening their quick reflexes and coordination.

As reported by PSFK, HYVE have completed their first working prototype and plan to launch a crowdfunding campaign soon. What other bodytainment products could enhance users’ workouts?



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