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VR headset program helps prevent motion sickness


The add-on device can be built into any VR headset to help the one third of people who suffer with motion sickness.

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Although one third of the population suffers from motion sickness, researchers are unsure exactly what causes it. Most believe mismatched sensory signals are to blame, with your eyes seeing one thing and your eyes sensing movement. French innovators believe they have found the answer to motion sickness created by Virtual Reality (VR) experiences with the creation of Boarding VAR.

Boarding VAR can be built into any VR or AR device, and creates a horizontal plane into the user’s peripheral field of view. The patented technology brings an inertial reference to your eyes, similar to your inner ears, making the sensorial conflict impossible to occur and therefore motion sickness is avoided. In 2016, around 6.3 million virtual reality devices were shipped out to customers, and the average annual growth forecast is predicted to be 85 percent over the next four years.

The VR and AR market has expanded massively over the past two years, with the technology integrating into almost every industry. Springwise has covered a number of innovations that have changed the way users think, such as the gallery exhibition that offered a VR experience to explore an artist’s studio from times gone by, and an AR teddy bear that acts as an educational tool for children. How could you incorporate VR or AR into your company’s offering?




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