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VR physical therapy lets users rehabilitate at home

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In addition to being a fun way to receive therapy, the technology by VRHealth could help avoid expensive trips to see a doctor.

Israel-based VRHealth has created VRPhysio, virtual reality rehabilitation software that provides a captivating experience for patients of any age. The technology is designed to stimulate people to perform specific movements while additionally serving as an accurate tracking tool for physical therapists. Utilizing real-time data analysis based on advanced algorithms, the program generates progress reports containing high-resolution metrics on improvement. Such insights into patient performance enable precise analysis and adjusting treatment regimens.

The unique, immersive 3D environment stimulates patients to perform specific movements, and complete their exercises using games, movies and 360° interactive guides. Patients wear a VR headset equipped with head and body-tracking sensors that map split-second data of every movement. Detailed summary reports are then generated for each training session via a cloud service. Data from each training session is captured at highly granular resolutions including precise metrics, providing invaluable clinical insights into movement accuracy and progression over multiple sessions.

In the US, where citizens pay for their healthcare, this service could lowers costs for insurers, healthcare facilities, patients and their families. All physical therapy sessions performed with the software are billable under CPT Codes.

Virtual Reality has the ability to transform medical processes, making them simpler and more enjoyable for those in need. Stellar examples include the VR films that trigger happy memories for those with dementia and using the technology to provide light relief for cancer patients undergoing treatment. How can virtual reality transform other areas of care?




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