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Wall-mounted washing machine saves space and energy

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One of China’s leading technology companies introduces a mini, wall-mounted washing machine that is quiet and a space and energy saver.

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The desire for smaller, more efficient items has driven movement towards more home-based, smarter equipment. A design student created vacuum-sealed, waterproof packaging that cooks food in the washing machine.  In healthcare, an updated home first aid kit has touch-screen how to guides. Along the same vein, China’s Xiaomi corporation now introduces a small, tear-drop shaped, wall-mounted washing machine.

The new appliance is slim, opens from the front and makes far less noise than a traditional machine. Called the MiniJ, the wall-mounted washing machine is the latest in the company’s series of small and portable appliances. Designed for visual appeal as well as practicality, the MiniJ uses an LED touchscreen. Additionally, an accompanying app provides remote access and management to the machine. There are eight different modes available for washing, including one super hot level of 95 degrees Celsius.

Marketing of the machine focuses on it being the perfect size for washes of delicate items of clothing such as underwear. Thanks to the high temperature, it is equally useful for especially dirty items like baby diapers. Also due to its small size, the machine is much quieter than a traditional sized machine. The decibel level is 45 when the machine is working. Attached to the wall by a simple wall bracket, the washing machine costs USD 379. It is currently available in China only, although experts predict that it will be made available internationally fairly soon.

Development of smaller, more efficient devices mean it is ever easier for technology to become a seamless part of the average home. What other frequently used home kits and gadgets could be made more efficient through a minimal design?




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