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Perfect for consumers who love personalizing their spaces and changing their minds, companies like Blik and Wonderful Graffiti sell decorative wall graphics that can be applied and removed at whim. Blik has a wide range of surface graphics, ranging from designs by Keith Haring and Charles & Ray Eames to space invaders and farm animals. Their self-adhesive wall decals allow consumers to transform the look of a living room or office space in minutes. Made of PVC, the wall stickers look like paint once they’ve been applied. Pricing is around USD 40-50 per kit, and sheets of custom text start at USD 100. Focusing on the power of words, Wonderful Graffiti sticks to selling letters. The company was founded by a former copywriter with a strong love of typography, and offers ready-made poems and quotations, as well as letting customers create their own word designs. Words are delivered on sheets, ready to stick on walls without having to measure out spacing. Since the ‘graffiti’ is easy to remove, it’s also well suited to temporary decorations for special events like weddings or holidays. Nice one to distribute to local markets. And opportunities await minipreneurs who’d like to sell their creativity as wall decorators, specializing in designing and applying graphics in homes and offices. For more wall decoration ideas, read what we wrote about Wallpaper 2.0.


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