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Wallpaper changes its appearance under different colored lights

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Milan design duo Carnovsky have created an RGB wallpaper that transforms its appearance under different kinds of light.

Apps such as Wallcast may make it possible to have an ever-changing background wallpaper on a desktop computer, but achieving a similar effect offline with wallpaper in the physical world has generally been more or less unthinkable without great effort and expense. Enter Milan design duo Carnovsky, whose RGB wallpaper transforms its appearance under different kinds of light. To create its mesmerizing wallpaper, Carnovsky uses three different and overlapping images, each one in a primary color. The net appearance from these three layers is “unexpected and disorienting,” the duo explains. “The colors mix up, the lines and shapes entwine, becoming oneiric and not completely clear.” The wallpaper comes into its own, however, when it is viewed under colored light. Red, green and blue (RGB) lights each reveal one of the wallpaper’s three layers, bringing the corresponding image to the forefont. When the light color is changed, the same thing happens again but with a different layer, making it appear as if the wallpaper has changed. Also available using Carnovsky’s RGB technique are prints, scarves and skins for electronic devices. Style-minded retailers around the globe: one to get involved in?



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