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Wallpaper 2.0 | Update


Wallpaper’s journey from faded to fresh continues. Located in Paris, The Collection is a boutique that pushes luxury wall coverings closer to art. Founded by Allison Grant to promote the work of young British artists in France, The Collection now has partnerships with designers across Europe. The boutique’s offerings are anything but mass-produced. Wallpapers are hand-screened, embroidered and hand-coloured. One long, narrow piece shows huge piles of paperback novels ‘to remind us of our youth’, for EUR 55 per meter. Another features a floor to ceiling stack of plates. And one of the boutique’s most popular products is a tromp d’oeil image of bookshelves, printed and hand painted in watercolour by Deborah Bowness (EUR 219 for 3.3 x 0.56 m). Besides the shop in Paris at 33, rue de Poitou, The Collection recently opened an online boutique. Opportunities? Bare walls still prevail. Become the next big thing in wallpaper, a stylish Wallpaper King if you will, and millions of square meters, yards, euros and dollars could be yours. (For more, see wallpaper 2.0, designer grass and wall graphics.)



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