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Wallpaper that combines style & sustainability

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We’ve featured innovative wall coverings before, from British magnetic wallpaper and French mur couture to American wall graphics. A recent spotting joins the growing arsenal of green products that combine style with sustainability. Mod Green Pod was founded by two sisters-in-law, Nancy and Lisa Mims. When they couldn’t find home textiles and wallpapers that were both chic and earth-friendly, they decided to start making their own. Their small company, which aims to ‘take organic from hippie to hip’, sells vinyl-free wallpaper without harmful chemical finishers. The rolls of paper are silk-screened by hand in the United States, and sold through retailers in LA, Boston and the New York area. Fabrics are available in matching designs and are hand-printed on 100% organic cotton, which will please consumers who know that conventional cotton production uses 25% of the world’s insecticides and 10% of the world’s pesticides. A relatively easy concept to start up, Mod Green Pod’s example should appeal to entrepreneurs who’d like to hitch their style smarts to the green bandwagon, letting consumers beautify their homes and lives while minimizing damage to the rest of the planet.



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