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Washing machine is controlled by dogs

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UK laundry company JMT Service has developed Woof to Wash, a machine adapted for easy use by dogs to wash their owner's clothes.

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Helper dogs are often used by blind, deaf and disabled people to aid them in their daily tasks, and we’ve even seen the animals put to good use in hospitals such as Amsterdam’s VU University Medical Center, where they sniff out infections. Now a UK laundry company has developed Woof to Wash, a machine adapted for easy use by dogs to wash their owner’s clothes.

Special assistance dogs have already been able to be trained to strip beds, fill laundry baskets and load and empty washing machines for those who aren’t able to do it themselves. However, typical machines prove too complicated for canine capabilities. Working with Support Dogs, Yorkshire-based JMT Services has created a new machine that features an unlock button and door handle designed for easy use by dogs. Once the washing has been loaded and the door shut, the machine starts when the dog barks. For simplicity’s sake, the machine only runs one program at 40 degrees Celsius, with the correct amount of washing liquid released automatically. According to its developers, the innovation could prove useful to a variety of people who need help washing their clothes. The video below offers a demonstration of the device:

Are there other household appliances that could be better adapted for use by disabled people — or indeed helper dogs?

Spotted by Tracy Chong, written by Springwise



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