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Water brand turns old couches into custom running shoes

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Vittel Couch Converter transforms customer's old sofas into custom made running shoes to encourage an active, healthy lifestyle.

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We’ve seen countless initiatives designed to encourage exercise — through either rewards or punishments — and now French bottled water brand Vittel is getting in on the act as well. The Vittel Couch Converter service is a marketing campaign aimed at curbing the amount of time Europeans spend lazing around on their couches — by transforming customers’ old sofas into pairs of personalized running shoes.

To begin, customers upload a photo of their sofa to Vittel’s website and send in a cut of the fabric. A team of designers and shoemakers then use the fabric to create a pair of unique sneakers, based on a custom design created for the project. Shoes are sent out within a few weeks and many previous creations can be browsed on Vittel’s site.

You can learn more about the project in the video below:

What other fabrics in the home could be upcycled in this way?



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