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Waterproof notepad for writing while showering

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Michigan-based AquaNotes’ waterproof notepad and pencil were developed after the founder became frustrated at forgetting the ideas he had while showering.

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With a tagline of “No more great ideas down the drain,” AquaNotes’ waterproof notepad and pencil are the founder’s solution to recording the ideas (his best) that came to him while in the soggy environs of a shower. Having tried, and failed, to use traditional methods of pen and paper outside the shower, or simply remember the idea, AquaNotes was developed.

Made from non-toxic, recyclable paper, the notepads are waterproof. Water beads up and rolls off, and the accompanying pencil is made from sustainably sourced incense cedar wood. The pencil and notepad attach to surfaces using suction cups, and each piece of paper is perforated for easy removal. The company’s latest product is Aqua Boat Notes and are even tougher – capable of being written on underwater. An individual notepad is USD 7, with various deals available for multiple purchases.

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