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Waterproof windbreaker transforms into insulated parka

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The Uncharted Supply Company’s packable Hideaway jacket has hidden compartments for emergency insulation to change it into a parka.

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California-based Uncharted Supply Company provides survival gear for unexpected situations. Its latest product is the Hideaway windbreaker. Designed to pack down to approximately the same size as a bottle of water, the jacket has (literally) hidden depths. As well as being waterproof, the coat contains hidden compartments sewn into the arms and torso. In an emergency, the compartments can be filled with whatever materials are available to transform the windbreaker into a seriously sturdy, and warm, parka.

Made from ripstop nylon, the compartments are completely self-contained, preventing the messy situation of having insulation materials traveling around the wearer’s body and eventually falling out. At the end of 2016, for every hideaway coat that was purchased, the company donated one to a homeless person. Priced at USD 49.99, the coat is good value for money.

Other innovative approaches to emergency situation clothing include the haptic vest that uses bat technology to guide wearers through low visibility environments, and radiation proof underwear and swimwear. How could personal safety garments be more easily incorporated into everyday life?




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