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Dial wristband

Waterproof wristband acts as emergency coastguard device

Nonprofit & Social Cause

A simple wristband could mean the difference between life and death for those engaging in water-based activities.

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Spotted: Emergency services are often under pressure when they are faced with a lack of resources. Innovations that can help alleviate the strain are therefore valuable. Springwise has already spotted some of these devices, such as this integrated home system that warns if an earthquake is about to happen, and a multi-purpose bench that also functions as an emergency raft. Now a GPS-connected wristband can help coastguards find those who are in danger in the sea.

Philippe Starck and his team at STARCK have developed a wristband that can transmit the user’s exact location on the beach or at sea to the rescue services in an emergency. Dubbed Dial, the wearable technology is waterproof and made of silicone. It has an in-built GPS tracker that enables the tracking of those in danger. The band can also adapt to fit the size of any wrist. Its lightweight design means that it can be worn every day without the user noticing, ready to be used in an emergency.

The Société Nationale de Sauvetage en Mer (SNSM), the French voluntary coastguard organisation, commissioned STARCK to create the device, seeking a method of accurately tracking the location of an individual in danger in marine environments. SNSM wanted to reduce the rescue time taken by the coastguard, as well as to diminish the number of false alarms, wasting valuable time and resources. In an emergency, the user can activate the device and alert emergency services to their exact location and situation. It could also help parents to locate their lost children on the beach.



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