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Wearable device captures the beauty of sunlight; smart lamp recreates it


Mood lighting comes alive with Olive Creative Lab’s smart lamp and wearable that records and recreates the sunlight from special moments.

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Italian startup Olive Creative Lab’s first project, Sun Memories, brings mood lighting to life. No longer will users struggle to describe and share incredible sunsets or sunrises they have seen.

The Sun Memories wearable device records up to six hours of light using a light sensor. This data is then transferred by the accompanying app to the connected lamp. Using an RGB LED light, the Sun Memories Lamp perfectly recreates all the nuances of the recorded light from special moments and places. Color, intensity and shading are all reproduced, and the app allows for easy sharing of light recordings with friends and family. The founders of the Olive design studio say their future work will continue to focus on the intersection of graphics, products, interactivity and sustainability.

What other previously intangible moments could technology capture and recreate?




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