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Wearable for kids can be coded into a lightsaber

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Technology Will Save Us’ latest make-it-yourself toy is the Mover Kit — a hackable, motion-sensing wearable complete with LED lights.

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The most popular edtech innovations often encourage physical play between kids and their friends, such as this throwable computer ball and these coding friendship bracelets. Famous for its easily assembled, DIY circuit-building kits, London-based startup Technology Will Save Us is currently crowdfunding for their latest offering — the Mover Kit.

Targeting kids, the toy is a wearable device that flashes lights in different colors, depending on the wearer’s movements. The kits come with a printed circuit board, motion sensor, compass and LED lights, so young makers snap the pieces out, fit them together, and can program and use the device as creatively as they like. For example, the kit can be coded to flash yellow when the wearer is moonwalking, or flash green when they are brushing their teeth. They can also fashion the kit into a lightsaber, and make it glow different colors with each attack.


When the wearable is plugged in, users can access Technology Will Save Us’ Maker platform for coding support, share their inventions, and see suggestions for different games and projects. Each kit also comes with a snap band bracelet and lanyard, and batteries are charged via USB.

The founders of Technology Will Save Us were inspired by their own personal experiences of raising a child in today’s wired world, and seek to create toys that help children prepare for an unknown future through creativity and inventiveness. Are there other popular wearable tech that could be adapted for play?



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