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Tiny wearable makes dumb watches smart


The Chronos wearable attaches to analogue watches, enabling smart connectivity with customizable light and haptic notifications.

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Though we have already seen a wearable strap that turns any analogue watch smart, now Chronos has developed an even more seamless retrofitting device.


Describing their product as ‘the thinnest wearable’, the Chronos disc measures 3mm and attaches discreetly to the back of existing watches via micro-suction. Using Bluetooth, it connects to an associated app on Android or iOS devices, from which users can set functions. For example, their watch can provide haptic notifications for incoming calls, or glow a certain color when important events are scheduled. Chronos can also track activity and sync with fitness apps, and wearers can control their phone with taps and gestures that silence calls, skip music tracks, change the phone volume, and more.

With smart-enabling wearables like Chronos, users can keep the products that suit their style while benefitting from tech functionalities. What other ‘dumb’ devices could be made smart?



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