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Wearable smart coach brings elite analysis to amateurs

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A new wearable smart coach platform for amateur soccer players uses a GPS device and app to monitor athletic performance.

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Wearable technology has made it possible to track data on all elite sports stars. For example, every soccer player at the 2018 World Cup received in depth feedback on their performance and physiology. With PLAYR, amateur players can now access similar insight into their performance levels.

A team of sports scientist experts have been assembled to bring professional insight to the PLAYR platform. The system consists of three components: the SmartPod, SmartVest and SmartCoach. SmartPod is a sophisticated GPS tracking device that analyses user movement and position on the pitch. The device sits in a magnetic pocket of the SmartVest wearable. This magnet automatically turns the pod on and begins recording data. During use, the pod will record up to 1250 data points per second. Additionally, this data is synced automatically with the SmartCoach app via bluetooth. Here, users can access an array of data on distance covered, sprints completed, and a heat-map of their movements across the pitch. With SmartCoach, users have a smart assistant, with tailored advice for improving performance, such as nutritional tips and additional training exercises based off of the user’s data.

Beyond individual use, coaches can also access the entire team’s performance data. Furthermore, users can even compare their performances to those at a professional level. Developed by Catapult Sports, PLAYR is currently only available in the UK (although it will eventually ship to other countries), with the app available on Apple and Android devices.




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