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Wearable subwoofer lets listeners feels the bass

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The Basslet is a wearable loudspeaker shaped like a watch, that produces haptic bass frequencies for immersive audio experiences.

Lovers of lives music and clubs know that bass is not just heard, it is felt. Hoping to bring that power to the home listening experience is the Basslet, a wearable subwoofer the size of a watch.


Looking something like a simplified Casio watch, the Basslet, made by Lofelt, is worn on the wrist and connects wirelessly to a small sender. Listeners begin by plugging the sender between their headphones and their chosen audio device via the audio jack socket. Then, they simply listen to the music as usual and the Basslet amplifies the bass frequencies in the audio, sending it straight to their wrist. The device covers the full bass spectrum — 10-250 Hz, lasts for up to six hours and is completely inaudible to the outside world.

The Basslet can also be used to enhance gaming or VR sessions by providing physical feedback and adding to the feeling of immersion. Currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, backers can pre-order the device for USD 139 for expected delivery in December. We have already seen the headphones help listeners feel music using nerve stimulating headphones. Could haptic feedback also be used to enhance the portable music experience for listeners?



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