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Web retailer helps find the perfect fit


Every body is different, and just five or six percent of bodies fit the model that most designers use as their standard. Which is why a women’s apparel retailer is using proprietary technology to customize selections to a customer’s individual shape. When signing up for their personal myShop, customers enter their measurements and MyShape‘s patent pending ShapeMatch software determines their body shape. MyShape has defined seven basic body shapes, based on proportions and sizes of waist, shoulders, hips, etc. The customer is then shown outfits that flatter their shape and fit their body measurements. And, of course, that match their style preferences. MyShape works with 100 designers, most of whom handle shipping. MyShape receives a sales commission. The start-up’s aim is to make shopping effortless for busy women, saving them the time and frustration of trying on 10 different skirts in a store. It also removes the guesswork from online shopping, caused by inconsistent sizing between brands and retailers. MyShape launched in September and is targeting professional women who spend more than USD 1,000 on clothing per year. One to partner with if you’re in the fashion business, or to set up in other countries. Related: Zafu, which focuses solely on jeans. Customers enter their measurements and preferences, and Zafu recommends the pairs that are most likely to fit. Spotted by: Joan Divor and Pauline Jonquiere



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