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Gun stocks divestment

Website helps people divest their money from gun stocks

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Goodbye Gun Stocks is a searchable website that lets users make sure none of their investments are tied to the gun industry.

As consumers become more ethically aware, we have seen a big rise in the number of tools that enable customers to find out more about companies’ business practices. There is an app for diners concerned about sustainable produce, another for shoppers who want to avoid brands whose histories clash with their principles, and a browser plugin that hides any product associated with child labor. Now, for those who oppose guns, there is Goodbye Gun Stocks, a searchable website that enables visitors to make sure none of their investments or retirement funds are tied to the gun industry.

Though many investors are not aware, 35 percent of US stock funds are tied to gun and ammunition makers and sellers. Goodbye Gun Stocks has analyzed nearly USD 6 trillion of investments against gun stocks, and created a searchable database that enables users to find alternative investments if their stocks are not gun-free. The database covers more that 24,000 mutual funds, ETFs and TSP funds for federal employees. When users enter their fund name into the search box, the site generates comprehensive results. These tell the investor how much gun-related stock the fund holds, and with what companies the stocks are associated. The platform also offers equivalent alternative investments so that the customer can move their money somewhere more suitable to their ethical beliefs.

The website is part of a larger campaign to encourage investors to divest their money away from gun stocks, and is available to use for free for the next month. Are there other transparency tools that could enable consumers to spend more ethically?




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