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Curated subscription service delivers 10 indie songs each week


Curation and subscription services seem to be a match made in heaven, as we’ve already seen in examples purveying everything from art to beauty samples to women’s panties. Now, whereas music services typically bombard users with millions of songs to choose from, WeeklyIndie has opted for a curated subscription model, delivering 10 hand-picked indie songs to subscribers each week. Toronto-based WeeklyIndie invites independent artists to submit songs to its site, and it screens through thousands of such songs every week. After selecting the ones it likes, it signs distribution deals with the artists involved. Then WeeklyIndie sends out links to its worldwide base of subscribers to enable them to download the 10 chosen songs. Customer subscriptions cost USD 7 per month. With benefits for consumers — who get help wading through the vast ocean of songs out there — and artists, who get well-deserved exposure and payment for their work, WeeklyIndie may just have hit upon a new model for music discovery. One to watch! (Related: Books by gift subscription, hand-picked for the reader.) Spotted by: Murray Orange



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