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Men's wellness | Photo source Elijah Hiett on Unsplash

Wellness site tackles rarely addressed men's health problems

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A well-targeted healthcare site could help bring to light some of the more difficult problems faced by men.

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Spotted: Innovations in the health sector have become increasingly niche, in an aim to help specific demographics. For example, these menstrual pads made from banana fibres are naturally designed for women who lack access to menstrual products. Additionally, a tablet device seeks to specifically help the elderly with feelings of loneliness.

Now, hims, a personal wellness site has been designed especially for men. They aim “to enable a conversation that’s currently closeted”. In essence, this means that they seek to shed light on and offer aid for men’s health problems that they may feel uncomfortable talking about. Their two major causes are hair loss and erectile dysfunction (ED). According to their statistics, only 1 in 10 men feel comfortable talking about such issues with their doctors. hims seeks to provide confidential and affordable solutions to these problems.

They offer easy and affordable access to prescriptions, products and medical advice. All of these services cater specifically to men and the issues that often go unaddressed in our society. They do not restrict themselves to hair loss and ED, but cover a variety of sectors. These range from hair to mouth problems, from skin to sex. On average, their prices are roughly a quarter of other retailers and healthcare providers. They also offer help to fund more affordable healthcare and to increase conversation surrounding men’s health. In addition to physical products, their blog section also showcases a wealth of health and lifestyle-related information.




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