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From shooting bottles to shooting cans

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Two weeks ago, we covered a smart little business that focuses on doing one thing well, and presenting it in the simplest manner possible: We Shoot Bottles takes pictures of bottles, using straightforward upfront pricing and an easy process. A case of beauty in simplicity: any potential customer will immediately understand what the company does and how it might help them. Due to overwhelming success, the concept’s founders have launched a second offshoot: We Shoot Cans. We won’t bother explaining what they do 😉 A third version is in the pipeline. We haven’t been told what it will focus on. Boxes…? Jars…? Since shipping bottles and cans internationally would make the endeavour unnecessarily expensive, opportunities remain for photography studios in other countries. Find a good niche, pick a good name, build a one-page website—with beautifully shot products, of course—and you’re off.



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