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The umbrella vending machine: from Norway, conquering the wet cities of this world?

The umbrella vending machine

Add this one to the ‘why didn’t I think of that’ category: Norwegian Paraplyselskapet AS has come up with a concept selling umbrellas from vending machines placed in areas with dense pedestrian traffic. The umbrella vending machine, appropriately called ‘Rainbuster’, accepts major credit cards and is already quite successful, with 7 machines in operation in Norway and 10 in the UK (in Reading and London, handled by Majic Mushroom Vending). Rainbuster also boasts a communications system that reports product stock, machine failure, possible forced entry etc. Besides making money from selling the umbrellas, revenues will also come from third-party advertising on the umbrellas themselves. No doubt an interesting franchise/partnering opportunity for entrepreneurs in rainy cities around the world, and a source of inspiration for vending machine enthusiasts!


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