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User-generated site adds historical layer to Google Maps

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We’ve seen many mashups with Google Maps, from virtual jogging apps to online story telling — but new website WhatWasThere aims to add a new layer of historical context to the virtual atlas. The WhatWasThere map appears, at first glance, to be no different from any ordinary Google Map. However, closer inspection reveals numerous geo-tags which, when clicked, display photos of the tagged area from the past. The photo is accompanied by a brief description, and there is even the option to view the photo in context at street level, using Google Street view to juxtapose the image against its modern surroundings. The project is entirely user generated, and the site welcomes users with an invitation to browse the map or upload their own historical photos. Maps and photographs are just two ways in which data can be brought to life for online users. WhatWasThere has found an enticing way of combining the two, showing that there’s still room for innovation in this crowded space! (Related: Hotel search? Video completes the pictureVirtual jogging through Google Maps mashupGas pumps that give directions.) Spotted by Zachary Love



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