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Where Are They Now?: Plattar

Where Are They Now

The Australian Augmented Reality platform is currently looking for funding to expand its business operation by opening a Head Office in the UK.

Plattar, an Augmental Reality creator that lets companies make their own AR experience, is looking to globalise its operation. It currently operates from an office in Melbourne, but is very keen to set up camp in London, and then hopefully Singapore and the US. The company’s been growing since its USD 820,000 pre-launch seed funding round back in April 2016, but is now entering a Series A round to raise investment so it can scale production and spread its wings across the planet.

To anyone unfamiliar with Plattar, it’s a simple, low-level DIY AR editor that lets companies design their own AR experiences (mainly for companies to use for marketing purposes, or to make simple games). It has over 50 clients, which include Red Bull, Air New Zealand, and Escape to Paradise. If you’re unfamiliar with AR, it’s the tech which fuses the digital world with the real world. Pokemon Go! being the most famous example of its use. Gnomee’s Egg Hunt is an example of the kind of simple AR Gamification that could be developed with this kind of software to help market a company, service or product.

“The UK and London in particular continues to attract the brightest and the best from around the world,” said Plattar’s CEO and founder Rupert Deans. “We want to develop strategic channel partner revenue streams in the UK and recruit in both product development and sales capabilities.”

It’s not unlike MindStore, an Indonesian AR platform which lets companies develope their own AR store. The applications for AR seems never ending – where’s next for this relatively young technology?