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Social network aggregator switches between personal and business profiles

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In recent years social networking has become so ingrained in online culture that many users will own several different social networking profiles, sometimes with two or more profiles on the same social network designed for both business or personal use. Whoopaa is a new social network aggregator designed to bring both business and personal social networking profiles into one online space. The new service can integrate with users’ Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, presenting them all on one site. Users can then mark these accounts as associated with either their business or personal Whoopaa profiles. Once Whoopaa has been linked up in this way, users can switch between their business and personal profiles at the click of a single button, instantly viewing all the social network activity attached to the Whoopaa profile selected — neatly arranged in one time-line. Users can send direct messages, invites and wall posts to their separate social network accounts from within the Whoopaa site, as well as sending messages directly to other members’ Whoopaa inboxes. An iPhone app is currently in development. With the increasing importance attached to online identity, both in personal and business terms, the demand for aggregators has seen no shortage of contenders. However, for social networkers who prefer to keep these profiles separate, Whoopaa set itself apart with a neat headline feature. (Related: B2B social network connects small businesses online.) Spotted by Sheila Wigman



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