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Personal brewing device makes beer in 7 days

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Anyone who’s ever tried to brew their own beer at home knows that it can be a tricky and time-consuming process, often with variable results. Aiming to offer a simpler and more reliable alternative, New Zealand-based WilliamsWarn just launched a personal brewing machine that can produce customized, commercial-quality beer in as few as seven days. The WilliamsWarn device is an all-in-one brewing machine that was designed to solve no fewer than 12 of the key problems frequently encountered by home brewers, its makers say. Included among those, specifically, are the carbonation process, temperature control and clarification. Instead, the machine is based on an innovative design and patented process that aim to ensure minimal oxidation while making beer brewing simple and quick. Developed with the help of government funding from the Ministry of Science and Innovation (MSI)’s TechNZ business support programme, the WilliamsWarn device is currently available only in New Zealand at a price of NZD 5,660 plus GST. However, the company hopes to soon expand to other countries as well. One to partner with for beer lovers in your part of the world? (Related: Beer-brewing kits for homes with limited spaceTruck offers mobile bottling for DIY brewersTap your own beer at bars.)



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