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Wireless device lets singers manipulate vocals with gestures

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A gesture-controlled device allows users to manipulate their vocals by connecting to their smart phones via an app.

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When it comes to musical instruments we’ve covered many innovations alike, whether that’s VR lessons for remote learning or a tool for turning trousers into an electronic drum kit, but now there’s a new device that could change the way vocalists perform and record.

Netherlands-based OWOW has developed Wiggle to facilitate vocal manipulation in real-time, rather than in post-production, but, unlike using pedals or control boards to create vocal effects, Wiggle is controlled by hand gestures. The device connects to smartphones via bluetooth so that users can use the four buttoned interface to produce effects via the associated app. The user is able to choose various presets for a range of vocal styles or to manipulate pitch, reverb and other effects. While singing, users hold down one of the four buttons and control their voice either by moving Wiggle horizontally, vertically or by rotating it. This allows users to incorporate the device into their natural movements while performing. Wiggle is also MIDI compatible, meaning it is functional with most recording setups and software, but will work with an iPhone and microphone headset too. Currently only iOS compatible, Wiggle is undergoing a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with early bird shipments available now.

We’ve seen gesture technology being used before in a smart home setting, creating TV remotes out of anything — in what other contexts could we see this kind of control being used, especially in an Internet of Things future?



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