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Women's jeans moisturize and reduce cellulite

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The Denim Spa women's range from jeans manufacturer Wrangler are lined with moisturising ingredients that can help reduce cellulite.

Quick fixes for weight loss always raise a few eyebrows, and our latest spotting may also fall into that trap. However, jeans manufacturer Wrangler is launching its Denim Spa women’s range, which are lined with moisturizing ingredients that can help reduce cellulite. Available in three models – Aloe Vera, Olive Extract and Smooth Legs – the jeans come with skincare ingredients that are embedded in the fiber of the trousers. The organic moisturizing chemicals are contained in microcapsules that burst as wearers slide the jeans on, offering a fresh batch of the ingredients. The Smooth Legs model contains caffeine, retinol and algae extract which help fight cellulite, according to the company. Each pair lasts for 15 days before users need to re-apply the ingredients with a spray, which is available to buy separately. The jeans are available to buy from ASOS at a price of GBP 85. Similar to the Velds PRENDS-MOI fragrance – which the creators say contains pleasure-boosting chemicals to reduce food cravings – it may be up to consumers to decide if the jeans actually work. Are their other methods for people to improve their figure without excessive effort?



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