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Wrist device monitors vital signs wirelessly so hospital patients can leave their beds

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Sotera Wireless's new ViSi Mobile System enables vital signs to be tracked and recorded wirelessly even while hospital patients are up and walking around.

Focusing on hospital patients requiring continuous monitoring, Sotera Wireless’s new ViSi Mobile System enables vital signs to be tracked and recorded wirelessly even while patients are up and walking around. The Californian ViSi Mobile System consists of a small, wrist-worn device slightly larger than a sports watch along with comfortable, non-invasive sensors. It can measure and display all core vital signs, including blood pressure, heart and pulse rates, ECG, SpO2, respiration rate and skin temperature. Though the device is designed for use in ambulatory clinical settings, it offers an accuracy level comparable to what’s typically found in hospital intensive care units (ICUs), San Diego-based Sotera says. In addition to sporting a color touchscreen display of its own, the ViSi Mobile System also allows remote viewing on desktop PCs, tablet PCs and other mobile platforms. Data can be transmitted wirelessly, using existing hospital wifi infrastructure, with the option of outputting electronically via medical records as well as in printed form. The video below demonstrates the device in action: Coming soon, the ViSi Mobile System will also incorporate Sotera’s patented continuous non-invasive blood pressure (cNIBP) technology as well as the ability to monitor patient posture and activity. Healthcare entrepreneurs the world over: one to test out or get involved in? Spotted by: Smith Alan



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