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Wristband corrects users' posture while they're walking

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Currently seeking funding through Kickstarter, Arki is a wristband that can detect the wearer's posture as they walk and gives them advice on how they can improve it.

Fitness trackers have taken off in a big way, helping anyone to monitor their performance across a wide range of physical activities. We’ve even seen products such as Darma track metrics that people often don’t think about, such as inactivity. Now Arki is a wristband that can detect the wearer’s posture as they walk and gives them advice on how they can improve it.

Walking is something most people do every single day — the average person in fact walks four times round the world in their lifetime — and yet we often don’t pay attention to how we do it. When wearing Arki, the device uses an accelerometer to detect different metrics such as steps taken and distance traveled, down to swing speed, rotation angle and the vibrations that occur when the foot hits the ground. By alternating the arm the band is attached to, the device can gather even more accurate data, and all of this is compiled to let owners know about their general walking posture and physical balance. It alerts them if they’re committing too many bad habits while walking, such as having hands in pockets or staring at their smartphone. Feedback is offered as haptic vibrations through the wristband, giving wearers a subtle indication that they’re forgetting to pay attention to their posture.

On top of this, the smart band can also offer the usual tracking capabilties, such as calories burned and daily, weekly and monthly stats, as well as the ability to set fitness goals.

Watch the video below to learn more about Arki:


Arki goes beyond the usual remit of fitness trackers by alerting users to something they typically wouldn’t even think about. However, with the number of notifications consumers already receive everyday, it’s possible that this could prove a step too far, being more of a distraction instead of a utility. Those interested can pre-order Arki for USD 99 until the campaign ends on 22 December.

Is the wearable tracker trend reaching saturation point, or are there more ways to help consumers monitor their daily metrics?




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