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Yearbooks for Class of 2007

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Now a US phenomenon, Facebook enables 7.7 million members with a valid email address from a supported college, high school or company to create a profile to share information, photos, and interests with their friends. Sure, there are numerous sites like this, but opportunity, especially outside the US, remains: this is not this is capturing a new generation in such a way that they will never need a reuniting website! More of an ongoing meeting space, Facebook actually ranks as the seventh-most trafficked site in the US. Next? While Facebook is inviting college students, AND high school students AND companies, the inevitable nouveau niche-ification of everything reaching mass status has already lead to the success of more closely focused, which has specifically targeted high school students. (The idea for the company was hatched out by two high school students during their 2005 Spring Break.) One million of them have already signed up, avidly adding their collections of videos, notes and photos in school-diary style. Opportunities abound: in those countries where even the paper version of a yearbook isn’t yet part of school culture, this is your chance to introduce a new tradition and do it web 2.0 style, with all the scaling advantages that virtual has over physical. Facebook started a few international sites, but not extensively. Partner or take the lead. After all, this needs a local touch! Furthermore, for any brand directly or indirectly targeting students (and what brand isn’t!), this is where your eyeballs are (whether Generation @ wants to interact with you is another matter; for some tips and examples, check out’s special on youniversal branding). We invite you to add your own country’s equivalents to Facebook and if they exist: just click on the comments below. Quick, easy, and no strings attached.



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