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Your favourites (one last top 10)

Top Ten

Over the holidays, we spent some time looking back by picking our favourites* from the new business ideas we covered last year—most of which are still highly relevant for 2008. Since any publication is as much about its readers as its writers and editors (especially if those readers also contribute), we didn’t want to withhold your favourites. So, here we go, in order of most viewed in 2007: 1. Pay-what-you-want restaurants (Austria, Australia & United States) 2. Craigslist meets YouTube—online video classifieds (United States) 3. Soft drinks for the undecided (Singapore) 4. A Blind Call—accidental charity (Belgium) 5. Customized daily vitamin packs (United States) 6. Motorcycle taxis rescue stranded business travelers (The Netherlands) 7. A bank run for and by street kids (India) 8. Free photocopies for students (Japan) 9. Chichi cupcake delivery (United Kingdom) 10. Fresh & frozen gourmet baby food (United States & Sweden) For the above and so much more, many thanks to our talented writers—Katherine Noyes, Mark Ingebretsen and Anne Shelton—and our invaluable network of Springspotters, who supply us with a neverending stream of smart & promising new business ideas! _______ * You can find our picks here, categorized by industry: AutomotiveEco & sustainabilityFashion & beautyFood & beverageLifestyle & leisureTelecom & mobileTourism & travel