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Jaclyn Hill collaborated with Morphe to push digital engagement to a new level and enhance brand loyalty | Photo source Morphe

YouTube influencer co-creates beauty products with makeup brand

Fashion & Beauty

Jaclyn Hill, a YouTube beauty influencer, collaborated with Morphe to create an affordable beauty product for consumers

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Spotted: If you’re on social media, you’ll know influencer marketing is everywhere. In a mobile-first era, companies are also having a less direct influence on the consumer. However, beauty brand Morphe, founded specifically on the bases of “a beauty brand created for its creators,” teamed up with Jaclyn Hill to co-create an eyeshadow pallet to fit the needs of its customers. Morphe has seen great success with its social media marketing, as its products are consistently visible to their target audience.

Additionally, beauty influencers are a big part of audience engagement, as offering a unique experience on social media. Many consumers have even reported that they feel beauty bloggers understand them better than the brand. According to Google in 2016, YouTubers were seen to be 70 percent more influential than traditional celebrities. With this in mind, Jaclyn Hill subsequently collaborated with Morphe to push digital engagement to a new level and enhance brand loyalty.




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