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Zen approach to cleaning industry

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Looking to stand out in a lackluster industry? Learn from ZENhome Cleaning! This Brooklyn based home cleaning company, founded by a former model, changed hum-drum home cleaning into something special. The company only uses non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning products, appealing both to ecologically aware consumers and people with allergies. But that isn’t the only factor that sets it apart from regular cleaning services. ZENhome cleaners burn essential oils while cleaning, spray linens with lavendar mist, turn down beds, place organic chocolate bars on pillows, and leave small bowls of potpourri. Which established industry wouldn’t benefit from going the extra mile, adding five-star hotel touches and making consumers feel good about themselves for choosing a green service? Sounds like a winning combination that can be copied to many service industries, especially those invited to the home, from handy men and plumbers to carpet layers. (Also see our coverage of Slate, a luxury laundry business with a very similar approach.)


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