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Zoo Jeans are 'designed' by lions, tigers and bears

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Japan's Zoo Jeans are created with fabric that's pre-ripped and chewed by dangerous animals before being fashioned into a pair of trousers.

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Regular readers of Springwise may remember our recent coverage of Gaolhouse Denim, the social scheme that provides prison inmates with tailoring skills by getting them to create premium jeans for consumers. Now another charitable cause has developed Zoo Jeans, created with fabric that’s pre-ripped and chewed by dangerous animals before being fashioned into a pair of trousers.

Conceived by Japan-based I&S BBDO for the Kamine Zoo in Hitachi City, the raw denim used to create the jeans is first wrapped around the favorite toys of the lions, tigers and bears that live at the facility. The animals are then set free on the material — clawing, ripping and chewing it to shreds. According to the team behind the project, denim provides a way for the carnivorous animals to keep their teeth strong. The ‘customizations’ created by the animals form part of the distressed design of the final pieces.

The Mineko Club of volunteer supporters at the zoo auctioned off the creations through Yahoo! Auctions, with its L1, L2 (designed by lions) and T1 (designed by tigers) models going for up to JPY 152,000. The money is being used to benefit the zoo, as well as the World Wildlife Fund.

Watch the video below to see how the jeans were made:

Although the auction winners might perhaps end up looking like they’ve just been mauled by a wild animal, the idea certainly offers consumers a unique product while also benefiting the animals by raising money to improve their habitat. Are there other ways to give fashion pieces exotic histories to imbue them with special meaning?



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